trying to prevent the pain by blocking out anything & everything that seems to be too perfect.

afraid of wasting months or years on something that will be found worthless. cant bear establishing another friendship for it to be destroyed.

full of emotions, cause i love giving chances. a puppet stringged by love the biggest BITCH i know.



"im not trying to leave u believe me cause what im going through it aint easy."


"i forgot how to give a fuck"

~ Zro & Trae 2000 #houston #madflow #beenkings


who am I to you?

why do you treat me so differently but don’t say that I am.

So caught up in external preparing my internal for war.

The way you move makes me feel like love from you to me is around the corner but you keep me guessing cause you act so cold never getting any warmer.

Just there for the pleasure to leave right before the pain. it’s funny cause those nights play out so much better in my head.

ultimate ecstasy mental & physical until dismissed by your plan to just dip in dip out. walk away, turn your back I never expected for you to come back…. not after that.