"you don’t love me you just like the idea of loving me"

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When pain becomes your best friend
Misunderstood flower child
Evil has to be her middle name
Heart in its purest form
Judged because of her strength
Knowing her story but thinking it’s mythology
Thinking she’s nothing based on her accomplishments
She has a voice
She is strong
She will be powerful
She will be King.

9/5/14 - Numbed pain with Real tears

It’s all been me
All the happiness, All the pain
It’s all been me
Trying to climb out of the barrel
Trying to step into my light
But you’d do everything to stop me
Because I’m doing it my own way
Control issues to the top of me
You can’t see it’s breaking my soul
But it’s ok cause it’s been broken before
I’ve grown numb to pain
Maybe that’s why u can never hear me crying
You’d be surprised how many times I actually gave up on dying
Self affliction that shits no joke
But when life is hitting u from all directions with no help u feel there’s no hope
I’m stronger than this shit
I’m going to show the world
Cause all this pain and sorrow is what’s going to make me soar.
A woman meant for greatness a diamond in the making
so I’m not moved by the pressure just crying looking at the pain
Cause I thought it was over
I ran and hid but as always it found me again
It should never please you that someone else is hurting
But don’t let them destroy you, don’t let them steal your sunshine.
Just cry if you need to everything will be alright.

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